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What We Do

 ICSS Employment Solutions mission is to work with and support job seekers in finding and retaining meaningful employment. We recognize the complex barriers to employment that individuals with disabilities face. Our team advocates with job seekers to improve their access to employment. We intend to address and dispel myths held by employers about people who have developmental disabilities in order to improve quality of life and encourage community integration. ICSS Employment Solutions staff will facilitate job development and build partnerships within the community, and connect with employers to promote employment opportunities. 

We offer several services to support job seekers in reaching their goals.

ICSS employment solutions is a program focused on developing competitive jobs to assist people in finding and maintain their employment. ICSS Employment Specialists develop an individual action plan which includes the following: career exploration, resume development, transferable skills development, interview preparation, and job readiness activities. Employment specialists work with the job seeker on setting realistic goals and conduct labor market research and to support the job seeker as they apply to the employer. 

What is supported employment?

Supported employment starts with the belief that everyone who wants paid employment can attain it, if the proper supports are in place. It is a successful, accepted, and flexible model for assisting individuals experiencing disability to obtain meaningful and fairly compensated work.

Who benefits from supported employment?

All parties benefit from supported employment: job seekers find competitive employment, businesses hire valuable workers, and workplace culture is improved by a diverse and inclusive environment. There is a strong business case for ensuring a diverse workforce at your company.

Supporting Jobseekers with their Employment Needs

ICSS Employment Solutions look forward to working with you for employment inclusion


MentorAbility is a nationally supported initiative in which job seekers are matched with individual mentors (employer or business leader) to explore career opportunities and what they need to get ahead in their desired field of interest.

MentorAbility Canada is coordinated by the Canadian Association for Supported Employment in collaboration with select employment service providers, called provincial hubs, that are located across the country. Together we provide information, knowledge, and tools to facilitate beneficial mentoring opportunities for employers, mentors and jobseekers.

Visit the MentorAbility Website here.

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