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What We Do

Our Community Participation Day programs are offered Monday-Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm

ICSS Community Participation programs provide person-centred and flexible supports to individuals with a developmental disability, physical disability, challenging behaviours and/or a dual diagnosis in helping set goals and making healthy life choices in community programming. The Community Participation Worker will work directly with individuals to lead, observe, plan and implement programs and activities that promote learning and development in daily living, recreational, social and life skills. Individuals will choose activities and be supported to fully participate within their community.

ICSS has three community based sites throughout East Ottawa.  The goal of each site is to provide individuals with opportunities to participate in meaningful social, recreational and leisure activities throughout the day.  To ensure person-centered and flexible supports the individual works in a one to one support model with a trained, qualified and caring professional.

Spread the Joy Mill Street

Our Spread the Joy Mill Street location is a hub for creativity, innovation, learning, and doing. Our program is based around being creative, learning new skills, and being involved.  Spread the Joy Mill Street is a designed space to empower individuals who attend to learn how to craft products such as soaps and bath products, jams, jellies and pickles, dog treats and paper crafts such as cards.  Individuals who attend the program are involved in the ideals of what products we make,  crafting the item, marketing and selling the item.  If you love to be creative and keep busy this is the place for you.



Sow and Grow Farm

Our Sow and Grow farm located on Russell Rd. provides a base to help promote health and wellness.  Our program provides individuals opportunities to engage in farming or horticulture activities- such as tending to animals, garden work, woodworking, physical activities and fun like campfires, trail walks and snowshoeing in the winter and much more.  The perfect spot to be active, creative and connect to animals, and nature.    




Every person has a right to realize their purpose and worth and we work with each individual to help provide opportunities for them to discover their’s.

Our Lanthier program has been created with the shared vision, expressed by the individuals who attend to offer opportunities for a variety of experience based on their individual goals, interest and wishes. Our Lanthier program features a strong community and person-centered focus, allowing people to join in social and recreational opportunities. Progams and activites are fun, interesting and help them reach their goals.  Activites can include volunteering, art, fitness, cooking, music, sensory, or gardening.  Activities may be on site or in the community.  



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